Pt 3 Business – a personal thing

Over a good period of time, a couple of months, essentially, the two companies got to know each other. We gradually discussed not just the business side of things, but we engaged in a whole raft of general conversation. From these conversations we came to a level of greater understanding of where each of us was coming from. There were basic links, or bonds, built up so that we, effectively had a common vocabulary in terms of needs and response.

It is perfectly possible to do business in a perfectly impersonal way. Someone comes along and they buy a product or service and they go away. Neither of the parties know anything of any real depth about each other, either to begin with, or at the conclusion. Where there is something more creative needed, where there is something much more personal, as the creative is, then something else is required of the situation.

I must admit that although it is nice and easy to do business on that impersonal level, you take the money and drop off whatever it is you are selling, there is something more to be had for that more involved way of business.


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