The VJ and the mix

There is a huge difference between the VJ and the DJ. Where a DJ has a number of factors which limit on the one hand but help to channel content within a mix – key, bpm, genre, and so on. The VJ is less limited – but this can be as much of a curse as a help. Can we say in any real way that there is a correlation, a direct link between particular visual content and the music it is accompanying? There are only a few links. There are certain historical and cultural links between the two. Certain musical genres ahve close links with other social elements of experience – hip hop and grafitti, urban genres with hoodies, particular world music genres with views of the originating areas, the associated dances and other such, psychedelic patterns and colours with a whole variety of music from acid techno to some forms of rock. For the VJ creating, acquiring and then mixing such to add an accompaniment is quite a journey. I would say it is often more creative an activity than that of the DJ. So be nice to them, they work hard!

check out lunar acoustics on facebook and also the futurhood av fanpage, on youtube and more


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