You do business with people not balance sheets

Although the first basic rule of business is ‘get paid’, the real rule for a happy business life is to do business with people with whom you can get along. As a consequence of this I prefer a settling in period, an extended initial consultancy. This allows each party to get to know each other and to step by step achieve a really friendly working relationship.

A case in point here is Triple One Media. They are based in Sweden but may also be doing a lot of business within the Middle East. Being new to the region they are extremely busy in their initial efforts to get things up and running. They came to me to request social media help. Of course I was interested immediately, having both an international eye and a love of media. The first thing I stated was take things gently and steadily go about the whole process. The last thing you want to do is to jump headlong into something which may not be right for you. A social media campaign is something which will stick with you for a long time.

So it is a case of taking a breath, gradually getting to know each other and then from that burgeoning human relationship forge what is needed, properly. The aim is to give the customer what they need and that customer may have a business name, but ultimately the customer, the client is a person. I am happy to say that Nick is someone it is a pleasure with whom you can do business.

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