Topic of the day: Traditional vs. New – first steps for a new or small business

Some years ago the way in which businesses marketed themselves was based around traditional forms of print. Papers, magazines, flyers, posters and the like were the mainstay of getting the business in the eye of the potential client or customer. Products and services were presented often in a very plain way – a simple statement, price, availability, offers and so on. To support this word of mouth was and still is a major factor in getting the message about. If you were a large business radio and tv might be used.

Times have changed to a very great extent. Although some businesses benefit from some aspects of traditional marketing – flyers, brochures and other print forms are still used to great effect – the old days of newspapers and magazines are being supplanted by new and in some senses more readily available media, channels and platforms. We are definitely in the era of social media and video.

And times keep marching on … from the days when marketing a new or small business involved your very first website, we have moved on to new and small businesses using more in terms of social media – the facebook page being the best and most common example.

these posts will be a taster of topics further discussed in e-books
we will gradually develope the whole series of posts to try to introduce small and new businesses to marketing, branding, promotion and advertising, bear with us


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