Monday nights have changed!

Monday night, 9pm and an old acquaintance calls round. From there a discussion takes place. ‘Voodoo Vixen’ is now a burlesque artist and needs some help. After a few minutes of discussion, a few details gathered, ideas are formed…
The marketing of any artist share the same basic principles of business marketing. Having a background and a present within performance and music the first step is taken – re-editing performance music to fit and suit the performance routines. Two cd’s later other tunes are mentioned and so I go about the downloads of new music for other routines. In the past we had mentioned showreels. Any performance artist can benefit from having a suitable showreel or three. It was mentioned that these could be uploaded to youtube and variously made ‘open’, or only available via a specific viewing address. I also stated that these could be made into dvd’s for distribution to possible venues or agents.
From this footage stills could be extracted and suitably treated perhaps using a programme such as photoshop and from there provide content for a portfolio. Such a portfolio could be made into an e-book, itself either sent as an attachment via e-mail or uploaded to slideshare and so a free download link given.
To connect all of these a number of other steps could be taken:
– a website showcasing the performer
– a facebook fanpage
– blog articles detailing all of this as a case study, giving other contact details
– pinterest boards or flickr sets created giving an online portfolio, in this case they could also include a showcase for the tattoo artist who would create a tattooed logo for the artist.
Thus, with a few simple steps the basics could be pursued – branding, marketing, social media channels, online presence. The performer acquires an image and so a brand given depth through a sharable portfolio in a number of formats, digital, online and beyond. Social media channels allowing engagement with fans, bookers, venues, agents and more. An online presence also allows further points of contact. Add to this the use of other online resources and channels – twitter – performers and industry specific forum sites and media channels, suddenly you have the bases of a marketing campaign.
Looks like I am working in burlesque now … Monday nights have changed!


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