In praise of the VJ

in recent years there has been more use made of the VJ. In times past the visual decoration to an event was literally decor and perhaps lights, smoke, haze and lasers, of course there would occasionally be other performance – dancers or speciality performance.
The VJ now adds to the whole clubbing experience by offering more than moving wallpaper. Using text and particular imagery they reinforce directly the performance of the DJ and at times the event, promotional team and sometimes the venue itself.
From there they add still and moving imagery, sometimes direct feeds of the crowd or DJ, but mainly something to add and enrich the content provided. In addition they also normally perform for the entire event, mixing, matching, contrasting, providing an extra experience. Many VJ’s create their own material as well as using bought or found content.
If they are lucky they can just plug themselves in to pre-rigged kit, perhaps in a custom made area. All too often they also have to rig, de-rig their own kit and create their own space.
So! Please be nice to the VJ, they work hard to try to please.


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