Services to film, TV and media Scandinavia and Middle East

As we all know what you see in front of the camera in any production is not half the story, it is only a tiny fraction. It is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You find talent in front of camera and a lot more behind it. Camera, sound, editing, effects, props, costume and so much more has to be found, operated and all at the right price and in the right place. Indeed, finding the right place and getting all of the permissions and permits is yet another task.

When face with all of this is it not better to have people working with you who can help and make all of it so much easier. This is especially true if where you need to film is somewhere unfamiliar to you. Having a resource of background knowledge, locations, authorities, equipment resources, personnel resources (talents and crew), all of this is going to be useful. So! If you are looking to produce, film and so on in areas such as Scandinavia or the Middle East help is at hand. Here is a company who can take the stress and the hard work out of all of this –


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