The dimensions of a brand

A brand is not something that is static. Indeed, you can describe it as having four dimensions:
– it may have some breadth, be noticeable in a crowd, take up some space either locally or wider
– it may have some height, perhaps at various times it can be seen above the parapet of all else that is happening around and about
– it may have some depth, here I should need no further statement
– and it exists in time, it will have a history and it may have as well a trajectory.
This trajectory is its future history throughout the space and time of the market. It is rarely the case that the trajectory of a brand is uniformly positive. Just as people have their inevitable ups and downs, so do brands. Their images, identities, have good times and bad.
Yes, I am employing a series of metaphors again. But the way we approach such things as our brands sometimes needs the injection of a metaphor every once in a while so that we think about things with a little freshness.
Part of what we hope for is to make the dimensions of a brand result in engagement, information, positivity, a wider audience …


3 thoughts on “The dimensions of a brand

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