You don’t take a donkey to a camel race! Ch. 2



Fit for dropping, fit for nothing or fit for purpose


I get annoyed by others in the marketing industry who jump upon something new and decide that if a business is not doing it then they are doing it all wrong.

You don’t market everyone business in the same way – a local gardener will have completely different needs to those of a media company even if they are small. For example, my local shop need some marketing done – World Class – the best thing for them is a brochure drop, paper based marketing, traditional, but sensible for them. I am also talking to people at TripleOneMedia, a Swedish based media company. For them a carefully constructed social media and wider campaign is what will bear fruit. Similarly, in the work I will be doing with local small bands and events a social media mix may be in order but it will have a completely different slant in each case because their goals will be slightly different and their audiences are different – where they spend their time online and physically.

So, we should make our marketing proposals sensible ones. The first thing for anyone thinking about a campaign should be to think carefully about their objectives and not fret senselessly about not being engaged in a particular social media activity, even if some bright spark is saying ‘everyone is doing it’.


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