You don’t take a donkey to a camel race! Or if you do it’s carrying the sandwiches …

Not every pound in the average pocket is spent on the high street or in a retail park, or even on-line, even though shopping and other transactions are increasingly moving to the net for some. There is still a place for the convenient local store, for many it is the only option. There are specialist shops which may be small but still have a clear place in the economy, similarly for the quaint, the friendly. There is a major place for small to medium enterprise. Not everyone can or wants to use major enterprises for their needs, all too often they can be impersonal, uninterested in small sales or contracts.

It has been said that the next year or two will usher in a whole raft of changes in marketing, the promotion of businesses, branding and so on. Many years ago marketing, advertising was the province of larger enterprises, it has become commonplace for small to medium enterprises to take part in these practices. But those smaller enterprises do not have the capacity to earmark staff to wholly pursue those ends, it becomes one of the may tasks for certain people within the firm.  Perhaps small groups of locally based creatives can help and offer value for money services. It is said every firm will have to become a media company. For the smaller becoming a media company may mean a partnership between them and other small companies or groups of freelance creatives.

So much has been written about branding and identity, about content marketing. Not every company, retail outlet or service provider can easily manage a clear and forceful brand identity which is easy to see within the market as a whole, not even locally. Instead it may be the case that a wider culture of brands, a collection of identities could be put forward through certain sorts of content marketing, promotions and advertising. Small and collected can be beautiful too!


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