Online video for bands, DJ’s, producers and more

Not every band, DJ, producer etc. can find itself reviewed in the local press let alone major industry magazines or fanzines. Flyers are only picked up rarely, posters are an occasional reminder of an event, a release or of the very fact of a band, DJ, or other. The internet is much more a force in the promotion of a band etc, so why not make the effort and make that effort stick. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so what does a short piece of video say?

Do you have a website? Do you need a website? Even if you think it might be a costly thing to do, perhaps it really is not – there are free websites available via google. There are also cheap hosting options available via 1&1 for example. Such a site for a band or DJ should include information which is sensible and general for any business or activity – contact information, an about us section outlining basic details of the band and its history and make up, a news and events section, how you can pick up any cd’s or download any pieces of music. Some design work would be sensible, perhaps including cd covers, pictures of the band, perhaps during performance or perhaps not, a logo or two. Alongside this some video might be of use. This could include:

–          event filming

–          performance filming

–          music videos

–          general interviews with the band as a whole or in part

–          introductions, again as a whole or in part

–          vox pops

–          magazine pieces, the silly outtakes, the short daft interviews, the odd, the throw away bits

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