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Take a good look at the colours used – the palette and the fonts – the typography … what works? what doesn’t?

cityearthtone1 cityearthtone2

Here are ust a few examples with odd differences to give you the chance to expand your capacity for judgement – having options is good, saying yes to the first thing to land on your desk is not!

flatstreet1 flatstreet2

Content marketing is the major thing these days even for small businesses. The content provided by any business, though, needs to look right. It needs to fit the message on the one hand and the brand as a whole on the other.


gt 1 coverUsing Novelty of Design to Draw in Customers.

Top 8 Web Design Trends that Emerged during 2014.

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New design for business

scatter bg cover f4mmedianuts cover f4mmedia10 Web Design Trend To Follow In 2014.

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Script fonts, particularly brush script fonts, have a certasin retro quality, particularly pointing back just a few decades. They are often combined with badges, ribbons and frames giving a feel sometimes of the 20s and 30s also in some cases of old car badges from the 50s, 60s and later. They provide a feel of playful maturity as well as a comfortable consistency and reliability. We can all think and wonder about muscle cars and sportier models alongside good quality cafes and restaurants.

big picture ex1

With big picture backgrounds certain sans serif fonts are particularly useful for conveying a well styled informality, an uncluttered depth and artistry.

big picture city stylecartoon3

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geometric nuts b cover f4mmedia geometric nuts cover

Illustration and stock shots – content with difference

brownleaves1geometric nuts b by f4mmedia on deviantART.

The images you use in your business content say so much about you. It is all too easy to go the tried and tested route, not use any imagination, or even use styles and imagery that is hackneyed and dire. Try something new every once in a while. Show your target audience that there is more to you than normally meets their eyes. It is worthwhile sometimes to do something, to use images that tell your story but are a little different.

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

brownleaves1abrownleaves1a1DSC02203DSC02233DSC02238DSC02265DSC02266DSC02287DSC02291DSC02297DSC02298DSC02307DSC02308insect leafrope 1rope 1aThe power of illustration or how stock shots are killing your content.

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The right font and the right design

function design scripts10 Crucial Lessons From History’s Greatest Graphic Designers | Co.Design | business + design.

Typography trends in web design and some goodies to get you started -.

In all of your design projects the right font – the font that fits and expresses what you are about – is what is needed. There are fashions within typography just as with all design. There are fonts that have been overused, they are to be avoided, as with those fonts that are associated with a general lack of taste.

The design style that you are taking on can be reinforced and deepened with the right font.

big picture city style100 Must-have Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use.

100 Free Handwriting Fonts For You To Download.

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Free fonts created in 2014 – FontSpace.

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handwritten fontsand a freebie

scatter bg cover f4mmediaThe most hated fonts | Typefaces that people love to hate.

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Above and beyond flat design there is a return to various graphic motifs used in the past. We are also seeing a lot more use of badges, ribbons, banners, big pictures, big typography and in particular situations video backgrounds. But things do not stay still for long. Take a look at and compare the opening credits and title sequences to such shows as – ‘About a boy’ – set in San Fransisco these title sequences use something I like to think of as California Corporate. Its use of fonts with a handwritten element make it a little more informal and appears much more approachable. The vectors used are also quite pared down and iconic in feel.

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big picture ex1

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Typography and Design Trends 2014

local high street f4mmediaWith the rise of flat design in web design things have changed and are gradually moving on in terms of design styles for businesses. There are also gradual changes to flat design itself – nothing stays absolutely the same, things develope and grow.

corporate blueFlat design has brought to the fore a certain simplicity and functionality after all that was skeumorphic before. The stylisation in design terms has moved on above and beyond web design as well. Overall we are seeing a greater use of a simpler palette, more iconic imagery much of the time and a typography which regularly uses fonts with a clear nod towards the handwritten.

100 Free Handwriting Fonts For You To Download.

Handwritten Fonts |

handwritten fonts


making lettering tall geomIn addition there is more use being made of geometric and abstract textures, backgrounds and ornamentation.

and here a free download

nuts cover f4mmediathe city businessinternational flat

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Video and marketing 2

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alex-video-1Adding a video to your website, social media channel or similar is one thing – have it expand and reinforce your brand by adding something with the right style and flavour is something else. Think of it fully as part of your branding – part of your palette. DCustom_Content-Marketing_Video_Infographic growing-trend-of-video-infographic

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tv message f4mmedia

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rising setting.

Stock images and graphic resources

stalks 1astalks 2stalks 1Graphic design trends of 2014 – The Oxygen Agency.

dramatic leaves1 foliage 1 foliage 3 foliage 4 foliage2 foliage2a greens1

f4mmedia on Dropr.

Silverback DJ – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats and pictures at

Futurhood Av | Mixcloud.

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rising setting.


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